Lauren Bosquet

June 25, 2018

Web Application

6281 Liana, Lemkeport, NY

Project description

This is a Website, which is built by WordPress for Health insurence type works. It is still early stage, as client are comunicating with insurence company to attach with this site.

Environment: Windows 2010, Dreamweaver cs6, Web-storm, Apache, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5 CSS3, Ajax, Word-press.


We R Healthcare is primarily aimed for individuals and families that are in need of healthcare coverage. We were inspired by the idea of creating a useful website portal which everyone can make use of while making important healthcare insurance purchase decisions. To maximize savings and minimize costs, we work with several health insurance companies from within All 50 States. Along with this, we help our clients make their best comparisons between on-exchange and off-exchange plans to ease their decision making process. Our mission is to make your healthcare concerns our priority.