Our History

We are a Digital Agency company committed to helping businesses build and improve their software products and Design.

RightAngleCse.com is the best digital agency of Bangladesh with a team of more than 20 people. We are famous for our unconventional company culture. Our experience and massive setup allows us to deliver services at unparalleled scale. We have worked with the largest clients of Bangladesh and have built leading brands in the digital space. It is in our bloodline to solve problems by combining creative strategies with data, content and technology. Our key strength is developing and deploying meaningful digital contents to engage with the right audience. Thanks to this, we have become the specialized go-to-agency with proven track records, for managing large scale digital products & services.

Our employees are unique, true to themselves and comfortable being around people. This culture makes us look professional because there is no one who is inferior or superior. We believe in commitment and we focus on supplying our customers excellence in the service we provide within time, with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence and enthusiasm. We strongly focus on User Interface(UI) & User Experience(UX) that highly increases the standard of our products providing straightforward, intuitive & attractive experience to our customers.

Design the Project

Our design (UI/UX) experts follow the design principles (Color, Balance, Typography, Contrast, Consistency) and they are always up to date to the technology. They try their best to keep the design as humanly as possible. They believe in consistency & care about your experience while using our product. They follow a standard layout throughout the software to keep it simple for the users & make it super easy for them to go with.

Development & Coding the Project

Our experts maintain agile development process throughout the life cycle of software development. One of the most important benefits of agile development is iterative delivery that helps you to get your product version by version & you have the maximum flexibility.

Our Developers are consistent to their work as they believe trust is built through actions, not words. Also, they are disciplined and disciplined people never get comfortable pushing the code they are not proud of. Go through proper testing of our Quality Assurance Team we ensure the best quality and help you to live your dream without any hustle.


Support of Project

When you choose us, you are not just choosing a media to get a solution. You are actually getting a partner, someone who will understand your problems from the very basic, provide you with proper solutions your business needs. You will find we care as much about your success as our own and that is why we provide you post release full time technical support. Our Support Engineers are always ready to provide you service with any technical issue that you may face. And yes! They are incredibly easy to work with.

Our Numbers

This number is just like a couple of words but to achieve those numbers we spent almost over 7 years or so to make those as count. Still, it is going on & on.

Freelancing Hours

It is started in the year of 2012 & still on, trying to provide as best as we could with one single motto “Do your best for your client & make them Smile”.

Total Clients

We never worried about the fewer number of clients we serve because we always want to serve better than anyone else & stay together for a long time of period.

Total Projects

We start our Journey to satisfied our clients in every prospect, so, we never try to complete more projects to earn rather than fewer projects with 100% satisfaction to our client.

Years Of Experience

Rightanglecse.com was founded in 2012 by 4 people led by our CEO, Mr. Shajib. Back then we were developing local and international websites.

Our Investors

Our investors are not like only as our clients only, they are actually our family who spent some money & a lot of time to change the future of the world.


Client Testimonials

When you get the appreciation from your client it gives you joy & happiness more than anything else. Our client is like our family member but they love to appreciate us a lot. Thank you for those appreciation bellows.