We are a Digital Agency company committed to helping businesses build and improve their software products and Design.

Centralizing your production with RightAngleCSE will ensure consistency in brand communications, reduce lead time and increase cost efficiency. Our solutions are designed for ease of use, quick turnaround and high quality.

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RightAngleCSE delivers Time and Quality bound Software offshore development service and ensures free prototype development service(for the first time customer) with a dedicated and specialized project management and development team at a very reasonable cost

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About Company

Our centralized setup ensures effective collaboration to meet the needs of constantly changing world markets and consumer behavior. RightAngleCSE’s 24-hour support makes it possible to offer low cost, high quality productions that reduce traditional time-to-market windows, irrespective of location, time zones and the clients’ operating hours.

RightAngleCSE.com is the best digital agency of Bangladesh with a team of more than 20 people. We are famous for our unconventional company culture. Our experience and massive setup allows us to deliver services at unparalleled scale. We have worked with the largest clients of Bangladesh and have built leading brands in the digital space. It is in our bloodline to solve problems by combining creative strategies with data, content and technology. Our key strength is developing and deploying meaningful digital contents to engage with the right audience. Thanks to this, we have become the specialized go-to-agency with proven track records, for managing large scale digital products & services.

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Why Choose Us

Our dedicated team model aims to give the best the functions of the production of the digital world. Everything from the technology platform and the software to the number of operators and their skill sets can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

We have highly experienced and creative User Interface(UI) & User Experience(UX) experts whose main responsibility is to provide you an amazing experience with our products.

A successful software release involves a well-understood, well-documented process for moving software through the pipeline from idea to product and for successful release – a strong, disciplined & enthusiastic development team is needed. We have a highly talented & goal oriented development team with rock solid determination.

A good Developer writes working code, that has been tested for correctness, following accepted best practices, in a way that can be easily maintained and enhanced, in collaboration with their team, and continuously improves their knowledge and skills throughout their career. Our development team has highly experienced & battle tested experts.

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Individual approach to the client

Every client is unique & we think as same way also, so we assign a dedicated person to every client to communicate anythings as quickly as easy.

High level of service

RightAngleCSE offers the flexibility to work with clients on a project by project basis. Clients still get the same level of expertise and commitment, starting from creating workflows and quality assessments to the finished product.

Fast delivery times

We constantly pursue smarter ways of working in order to develop lean and creative solutions by combining people, processes and technology. Our scale, infrastructure and dedicated team approach ensures on time delivery within tight timelines guaranteeing expected services levels.

Client Testimonials

When you get the appreciation from your client it gives you joy & happiness more than anything else. Our client is like our family member but they love to appreciate us a lot. Thank you for those appreciation bellows.

Let’s Make the Digital World

As a technology team, we are like to change the world as much digital as we could. There for we are trying to make the world more paper-free & more use of digital goods in our life system.

Latest news

Our team is very much keen to share knowledge between everyone, why we will share our knowledge here by writing our blog, we welcome all of you to read it.